This is the home of the Baseline Killer. Mark Goudeau and his wife Wendy Carr lived in this home. Mark Goudeau is a convicted serial killer from Phoenix, Arizona charged in the Baseline Killer attacks that terrorized the Phoenix metropolitan area between September 2005 and June 2006. Arrest and sexual assault conviction Goudeau was arrested on September 7, 2006 and accused of sexually assaulting two sisters, one visibly pregnant, on September 20, 2005. At the time of his arrest, Goudeau was returning to his home on 28th street, near the location of the last abduction, rape and killing attributed to the Baseline Killer. On September 7, 2007, Goudeau was convicted in Maricopa County Superior Court on all 19 counts related to the sexual assault. Testimony was given over 7½ weeks with a verdict taking less than a day to reach. Further charges Goudeau was charged with 94 crimes in all, including nine counts of first-degree murder, 15 counts of sexual assault and 11 counts of kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty. Goudeau’s wife, Wendy Carr, told The Associated Press that police have arrested the wrong man: "My husband is innocent. This is a huge miscarriage of justice. And they have an innocent man in prison. This is all a mistake. He shouldn’t be in prison for something he didn’t do." According to Arizona prison officials, Goudeau is an ex-convict who served 13 years for aggravated assault, a charge he pleaded down from the original one of rape and kidnapping. The victim, who suffered a fractured skull, would later tell police that the attack began in Goudeau's apartment, where he hit her in the head with a barbell, tried to force cocaine up her nose, raped her and tried to drown her in the bathtub. Goudeau was sentenced to 21 years in 1991, amid warnings from the court investigator that his chances of a repeat performance "appear to be great".