What Happened at 27 Cascade Bay?


  • January 20th, 2006

    Property listed by CBC news as a grow op dismantled by Winnipeg Police.


    • rowsdower

      posted 6 months ago

      Please see the original PDF that I've attached to the post. This address was published by CBC News as a grow op that was dismantled by the Winnipeg Police. We've removed the mention of the RCMP and property damage (this is an automatically added tag for any drug lab listed on the website), but the fact remains -- it was dismantled by the Winnipeg Police and listed as a former grow op, and subsequently published by CBC News. That is where this information is coming from. If you want to blame someone, blame the Winnipeg Police for labeling it as a grow op, and for not making a clear distinction between a grow op vs a few plants. Regardless, this website aggregates information regarding the history of homes. Whether it was a full-blown grow-op or only a few plants, there was a crime that took place on the property, and it is relevant to those who want to know about the history of the home, should you decide to sell it one day. Our goal is to make historical information about homes freely accessible to home buyers and renters.

    • tinaLu

      posted 6 months ago

      The information here is inaccurate. There were six small plants for personal use only. There was NO 'grow op' going on in our home! We have NEVER been drug dealers! Also, there is absolutely NO PROPERTY DAMAGE! That is a lie and we are offended by the insinuation. If you would like us to prove that there is no damage to the property, we would be happy to do so, just let us know what information you require and we will provide it. We have had our home inspected for mold and asbestos and the air quality is perfect. You also claim that the RCMP informed you about this home, however, the RCMP was not involved in this incident as our home is within the city of Winnipeg, therefore that is a false statement. We have asked that you remove our address from your website and have been told that you won't. As a result of having our address listed on this site, our home insurance cost was increased exponentially. Sincerely, The homeowner of 27 Cascade Bay

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