What Happened at 2614 East Fountain Boulevard?

Colorado SpringsColoradoUnited States

  • November 2nd, 2014

    Homicide Hunter This is the most difficult & disturbing of all Lt. Joe told me what happened, he said he had to gloss over some of the depravity. As he puts it at the beginning of the show, “I had not seen that kind of violence before. Joe repeats these lines elsewhere, this is the show where they resonate most. Hours later, she hears the sound of sirens. When the call comes, Lt. All of the normally cool, professional responders were distressed & upset. What he saw was the woman’s body, now covered with a blanket, bloody with as many as 60 stab wounds, plus strangulation & sexual violence. Joe’s reaction, all the more as a photo comes up of his own two small children. “I was so disturbed,” he says, “that I was filled with rage. Joe speculates that it fell from the killer’s pocket. He was young then, now approaching old age. He is stretching to find a plausible reason to suspect Benjamin. Horrified, he pulled her onto the floor & covered her with a blanket. Besides, the coroner reports time of the deaths as between 9AM & 11AM, & Benjamin had not left work until just after noon. He reacts to the abrupt arrival of police as a normal person would. The city is shocked. This could be Jimmy, a maintenance man for the apartment building. The director of maintenance for the apartment complex identifies this as James Joseph Perry, although he says Jimmy does not have a master key. Police look in the washing machine & find the clothes they hoped to find–a damp plaid shirt & tan pants, washed with a great deal of bleach. As he stands at the desk, he finds himself gazed at a jar of ballpoint pens. Jimmy is wearing a watch flecked with white paint & blood. Police rush to arrest Jimmy. He demands a lawyer. He hassles women. He murdered the children. He tells the jury that while he was in that New York prison, he found God. The jury acquits Jimmy on all charges. Lt. The case goes cold. Joe gets a phone call from NYC police. Joe considered the details too disgusting to reveal to me in private conversation. Also, the frenzied & prolonged nature of the attack indicates that this monster was enjoying himself. In the TV version, police find the ballpoint pen. Cause of death was a mop handle thrust from her vagina to the base of her heart. In the TV version, Jimmy is able to walk away, make his way home, & wash his clothes. He was shadow boxing, pretending to fight. Joe commented just as you’d expect, that Jimmy could handle three people at once, as long as two were children, one was a pregnant woman, & all were defenseless. In the TV version, police find dry-looking clothes in Jimmy’s washing machine. In real life, the jury ignored a Rocky Mountain range of evidence. Joe says he went home & hugged his children for half an hour. The New York parole board jumped at the change to get him far away. They should have been outside, milling around, demanding police get rid of the monster in their midst. Joe says, if you track them down, they do tell the truth. Joe says bitterly that she needed Jimmy around to help with the rent. He enters the classroom, shouts at the object that he hates it & is going to kill it. He somehow brought the jury, mostly nice middle-class women (including a friend of Kathy’s), into a sentimental world of his imagination in which sin is wiped clean, past crimes forgiven, & a very bad guy magically becomes good, despite all evidence to the contrary. They asked the judge not to reveal their names. This has all happened before & will happen again–just not to the extreme of this case. Joe kept that gory picture in his desk for the next seven years.


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