What Happened at 2525 East 104th Avenue?

ThorntonColoradoUnited States

  • February 1st, 2021

    When we first moved in back in august we had a few experiences that were a little odd that we brushed off as “house settling” or “loud neighbors” but we later learned it’s not that. The first thing and still happens to this day if we are in the shower for more than 10 minutes someone knocks on the bathroom door. We will get out of the bathroom and ask the other what they needed because we heard the knocks but neither one of us is knocking on the door and you can only hear it from within the bathroom. We now have to leave the door open and have someone else in the bathroom while the other showers to keep it from happening. Still no explanation and it is the door being knocked on because the door shakes from the knocks. In the bathroom there is what I assume is a crawl space entrance in the ceiling and is a big metal plate. We hear what sounds like metal nails tapping against it. Sometimes quite and sometimes it sounds like someone clawing their way out. Moving from the bathroom to the bedroom most of our activity is located in the closet. Our nieces have both told us of a man in the closet and how he stares at them and doesn’t look away. My wife feels like someone is always watching her and once we heard them mention that we were speechless because it was no longer one person feeling that way. They described him as a dark shadow man. This dark figure we have seen multiple time CRAWLING across the floor following the women in the home. My mother in law has also seen this man crawling in the apartment. It even stops and locks eyes with whoever sees him. He will hide behind the trash can and watch us clean the dishes and cook. Today he was by trash can watching my wife in the kitchen and she felt she couldn’t even move her own body and I had to leave work early to come home so she wouldn’t be alone with it. The bedroom door leading to the washer and dryer has been opened and SLAMMED shut multiple times. Even repeatedly in one sitting. The door handle turns to be opened and it will turn and open on its own. The door we swing open slowly until almost touching the wall then slammed shut. It’s been shut on my face as I’m walking out of the room as well as my wife. The door has been held shut keeping us from entering the room as well. In the room we have a giant dresser with mirror. The dresser is pretty wide and my wife will set her black bag on the back against the mirror. We will be watching tv and every so often we will look over and notice it has moved closer to the edge of the dresser and then eventually fall to the floor. Sometimes it’s slower and sometimes it’s straight off the side onto the floor before we can even react. This isn’t the first item in the home it has moved. Today as well my wife was cleaning up the living room and was putting away coats in the closet by the front door. Inside the closet I have the vacuum as well a tool box. I usually keep my boots and work gloves on the box. Well the gloves were on the floor next to the vacuum and my wife rolled them up and set them back on the box. She took a step back to close the door and before she could close it the gloves were THROWN at her and hit her in the leg. It isn’t the first item we’ve had thrown. We have had clothes and bags fly across the room with zero explanation. The physical activity has gotten worse this past week. The other morning my wife and I were getting up for work and something grabbed my wife’s leg and pulled on her. She describes the sensation as if it was two claws digging into her leg and pulling down. This experience was the final straw with it now causing physical harm as well as the items being thrown at her today as well. Our safety and well being is at risk with what has been going on we can’t stay here much longer before someone is seriously injured. Our family has been staying away because the energy when they walk in is too much for them to handle.


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    • Beralitcarter

      posted 3 days ago

      Hey my friends and I have been looking to check out sites with reports of paranormal activity. My email is, if you’re interested in letting us check it out.

    • gigglez2010

      posted 17 days ago

      The building where the boy killed his girlfriend is building 19. We are in building 8. I haven't really experienced anything weird since but in the last year an a half we have now had 3 different neighbors move in. Most recently this past weekend. No one has really lasted more than 6 months. The last neighbors said she started getting asthma attacks and it was due to mold in their bathroom. Let's see how long these new neighbors last. I tried looking up history on the land but couldn't find anything public that stood out.

    • Tyrann

      posted 17 days ago

      Also, a man wearing “satanic” clothing and playing “satanic” music is probably a man that likes dark clothing and listens to metal music… a person cannot make a whole apartment complex haunted. That’s now how haunting works. It’s most likely a building built on ancient burial grounds that no one knows. Possibly . It would be interesting to look up what the land was before the surrounding builds are. I’ve heard sunny acres also has paranormal activity. But when death is involved that’s bound to happen.

    • INNerSides

      posted 3 months ago


    • TylerD1995

      posted 5 months ago

      I can’t even believe this is happening right know. I found this website to look up if anything is happening like this is my area and this pops up, I live in the same complex, (champions park) building 8. I have been experiencing paranormal phenomena since we first moved in 2 years ago. my husband actually found 2 vials of blood in the corner of our apartment jammed under the carpet, he went to the office and of course they thought he was crazy because of how serious he took it. Since then we have experienced similar things as you have listed above. We also have a neighbor who I can tell worships satan, he always wears satanic clothing and plays demonic music, I think he has something to do with all of this. Please reply if you have any more info or proof, I’m so glad I’m not crazy or going through this alone.

    • Annabelleww

      posted 5 months ago

      Creepy. I grew up here. Yikes

    • gigglez2010

      posted 7 months ago

      It is an apartment. This is the email sent by my downstairs neighbor about their apartment. I haven't felt anything recently but last year one day I suddenly decided that I needed to cover my mirror that was attached to my dresser and I haven't uncovered it since. I spoke with one of the other neighbors in our building this past weekend and told them our downstairs neighbor moved buildings because they thought the apartment was haunted. I didn't tell her the story of what happened or this email but her exact response was "Oh well that explains the shadow figure who hangs out in my kitchen and watches me".... I promise I didn't mention this email and I know she does not talk to them so that was creepy. I also do know that a young girl was murdered in one of the apartments in our complex by her boyfriend in 2018 but that was in a different building that is pretty far from my building

    • Malverde710

      posted 7 months ago

      Is it an apartment. Are you moving ? Has anything happened since

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