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What Happened at 209 Holland Avenue?


  • 1966-2000

    We moved to 207 Holland Avenue in 1966, which was next door to 209 Holland Avenue when I was in Grade 6 and I attended Elmdale Public School. I meet Judy who lived next door at 209 Holland Avenue. Peggy your sister Judy was my best friend. One day Judy asked if I wanted to sleep over at her house and I said sure. I did not know what I was getting into until darkness came. I remember Judy and I getting ready for bed when we started to hear things going on in the house like boxes falling in the back shed, then voices and I got so scared I remember leaving the house in the wee hours and headed back home which was next door to Judy’s house. It was the scariest moment in my life because there were definitely some crazy unsettled spirits that lived in that house. I never slept over at that house again. At 207 Holland Avenue we always said the spirits from 209 Holland used to come and visit I would never go upstairs if I was at home alone. We always said that they were friendly spirits not mean. We sold the house at 207 Holland Avenue in June of 2000.

    • Batu

      posted 10 months ago

      You could've asked and talked to the spirits with an Ouija board

  • 1963-1966

    When I was a teenager my brother, myself and his friend were moving some boxes into the house in the evening. We were upstairs and all of a sudden the storage door in the hallway slammed shut. It was winter and all the windows and front doorway were closed. After we moved in many strange things began. We would be in the kitchen downstairs and would hear something very heavy being moved in the bedroom above us. We went upstairs and nothing was moved and we were the only ones in the house at the time. This occurred many times over the years. The front bedroom was really creepy. At night when my mother slept in there she could hear a woman crying and sometimes even saw a white shadow in the corner of the room. I moved out on my own in 1966 but the rest of my family stayed there until 1968. My mother was always so afraid that she did not want to stay there at night if no one else was at home. Even after the rest of the family moved my mother never wanted to stay alone anywhere she lived.

  • Last updated 10 months ago

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