This house had two very large distinct back yards what were split with a fence with an alley way parting the two houses. There was a sunroom next to my room at the time that no-one used because it gave off very strange energy, at night we would keep all 3 doors that led outside from the sunroom closed and all window shut and locked. My whole family at the time lived in the house. One night we were all asleep and I woke up very abruptly. It was still pitch black outside I'm guessing around midnight to 2am. I was about 7-9 years when this happened and living in a room with my brother. For some reason I wasn't able to fall asleep again. That night I glanced out a window that was under my top bunk to see a man in the alley way very distant from the house. I pardoned this because we had active neighbors and people who would cut through streets by it. I kept trying to fall asleep but I felt incredibly uneasy. When I had looked back outside it had seemed like the man had jumped the fence and was now in the far part of the back yard. I started panicking a bit because I was the only one awake. When I looked back out the man had gotten closer and this kept continuing until he was at the gate to the yard closest to the house. I tried to whisper for my brother but he was passed out and unresponsive. The next thing I had seen while looking out the window was an old man, transparent and frozen in time peering through the window. I started crying and I threw my cover over my head and grabbed the house phone in the next room and I called my mom, what else was I supposed to do. Unfortunately, she was as work at the time and she told me to call my dad who was sleeping in a room on the other side of the house. As I started dialing the number I heard the sliding glass door slam shut. The door connects to the sun room, the main way to get in from the yards. I had called my dad panicking and telling him someone was in the house. I heard my dad get up and walk around the house and I heard lights turn on and doors open. When he got to my room he told me no one was there. After that moment I started finding our wooden crosses in different locations and once thrown off the mantle where we always had it kept. Our family dog would stare into corners and bark at the sunroom, and pictures would fall from their hooks. I had thought since I was so young there was a chance that I had imagined or dreamed it. In 2020 I reached out to my mom and dad to see if it was true and they in fact confirmed both phone calls and my dad walking around. My Mom had told me it wasn't the only paranormal experience in the house. When my Uncle and his two room mates stayed in one of the many sheds we had in the back they had reported seeing a woman wearing all white go through the wall and out the other. She had told me about the times my dog would avoid the laundry room and growl in its direction, even my mom said she had a paranormal experience. The toilet would flush, and the washer and dryer would randomly turn on and off. In the Master bed-room hair brushes, make-up brushes, jewelry and papers would vanish. She even tell me about a couple times she would try to take a bath and get an overwhelming feeling that she needed to run, almost like she was being scream at. I had asked my mom if anyone else had seen the old man but unfortunately I was the only one. After the experience I had started to sleep walk from my bunk bed, I recall waking one moment standing in front the sliding glass door to my mom waking me up as my hand was on the handle. She at the time was working on a sewing project in the kitchen and had caught me luckily. After my family and I moved out from the house I had stopped. To this day my mom said something 'very bad' must have happened in the sunroom. She had the whole house cleansed and blessed by 'high priestess' . She tells me that the man I saw caused the "bad thing".