My best friend lives in this house, and we will be moving in together this summer there, we have been experiencing cold spots and footsteps and other noises at night. Sometimes we hear voices upstairs. Or pacing, or just walking back and forth. They're heavy footsteps and it can't be her family because it happens when everyone is asleep but us, or we are the only ones home. We have also never been in the attic, but plan on going up there to clean it out soon. A few weeks ago her and her brother heard this loud, heavy scraping up there. They didn't check it out but were pretty freaked out. We are going to smudge and bless the house before moving in, but I want to find the history of the house. See if anyone has died there. It isn't an angry spirit if it is a spirit. But it is stuck. I have never gotten a negative energy from the house, we are just curious. If anyone has any other information on this house please feel free to let me know! My email is