I have lived with my mom in this house for 8 years, and have been a practicing witch for 3 years. Now witchcraft is a great and beautiful thing, with light and dark aspects to bring it balance just like life itself. In 2019 I wanted to experiment with darker forms of magic, so I dove into Satanic magic. My bedroom is the biggest bedroom in the house, but the house is rather small. I would use my bedroom and center myself on the ground to meditate and try to conjure Satan or whatever demon would arise. The first time I did this, it was kind of like the movie "Insidious". It were as if I astral projected from my physical body and the world around me became slightly more gray and dark. there was a figure sitting on my bed but for whatever reason I just couldn't see it well despite not being very far from it. Though this sounds scary, I felt completely calm and even comforted. It was like the entity was trying to tell me I was safe. I did not stay in this state for very long before returning back to my physical self, and I became extremely dizzy and nauseous for about an hour. After this night, I would sort communicate with the entity and ask for money and many other things, and I received everything I wanted. I did this for a while but I eventually decided it was no longer a good idea and I went on to do different and less extreme forms of magic. However, many of my friends (even the one's that were not superstitious) started to refuse to come over and would make many excuses why they couldn't do so. Eventually they revealed that they would feel horrible energy at my house and it would even make them physically sick. I did not feel the way they did but since then I have terrible sleep paralysis and have began to experience "Russian Doll Dreaming", and I have seen shadow people and even one skin walker outside of the house. I even hear people yell at me in the dark before I fall asleep, and when I am shaken awake by the different voices, there is nothing around me but the vacancy of my room. My family still lives in this house with no idea that I ever did what I did, but I cleanse it very often and they have not been affected by any paranormal occurrences.