Joshua Burgess, 31, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for killing his wife because he wanted her to “stop talking” before hiding her body outside the home they shared. Comedian and aspiring actress Shannon Madill, who was 25, was reported missing Dec. 1, 2014, after failing to show up for a family event. She was watching television early in the morning on Nov. 27, 2014 when Burgess came home. The two became intimate on the couch when they started to argue. Court heard Madill told Burgess she regretted marrying him – and then the argument took a violent turn. Burgess put his hand on her mouth and she bit his hand. That’s when he got on top of her and strangled her first with his hands then with the belt from his pants. For seven months, Burgess kept her body in a large plastic bin on his patio. In the spring, he buried her in his front yard. In July 2015, police showed up at the residence with a search warrant. Burgess refused to answer the door. Officers then contacted him by phone, and that’s when he admitted he killed Madill.