I grew up in this house and had many experiences during my childhood. Doors would slam on their own, at night you could hear footsteps coming up the old wooden staircase that wrapped around on the second floor. Something constantly kept trying to choke me in this house and i could feel the pressure on my neck while my parents always thought I had asthma during this time after we moved I never had another problem. Things would fall off the shelves and pictures fell off the walls. My room was at the top of the stairs to the right but the room across from it had a v-shaped ceiling from the roof and in that room I ran to wake my sister one night only to see moving red eyes in the open closet, and have my sister sit up in bed yelling at me with only the whites of her eyes showing saying "What do you want!" Inside the door to the basement my mom had a pantry before the stairs where we would can veggies and she would always send us kids to get them because she herself was creeped out of that basement. We also were digging in the back yard (my sister and I) and I can't recall why but we found a glass eye in the ground.