Police say 42 year old Sudheer Khamitkar shot and killed his wife, Smita Havel Khamitkar, 38, and his sons Arnav Khamitkar and Arush Khamitkar, ages 6 and 10. TPD said the family lived in the home for 10 years and they had no previous history of domestic violence or criminal activity. Members of the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit told FOX23 they did not see any signs of forced entry into the home. When they went inside, they found a woman, a man, and two young boys all dead, with a gun nearby. Each victim was found in a different room. Police said no motive has been uncovered for the shootings. "An employer of one of the occupants of the house was worried and hadn't seen her in a couple of days," said Capt. Matt McCord with Tulsa police. Officials believe the bodies may have been in the house for two days before discovery.