Melinda Pleskovic, 49, was found stabbed to death about 8 p.m. Monday at her home on Blazing Star Drive. Police in Ohio arrested Jeffrey Scullin Jr, 20, after finding a tactical knife with Melinda Pleskovic's blood on the blade in a truck he had been using. According to court documents, Jeffrey Scullin, 20, allegedly stabbed and shot Melinda Pleskovic inside her Strongsville home on the night of October 23, then joined the victim’s unsuspecting husband for dinner at an Applebee’s, where his bride worked as a waitress. When police searched Scullin's vehicle, they found the knife that had his DNA on the handle. Police have released little information and would not say whether the suspect was linked to a series of attempted break-ins and suspicious activities at the home in the months leading up to the killing.