I conditionally purchased this house in September of 2012. Four days before closing the title insurance discovered it was a former grow op house from a previous owner. I spent approximately 2 years dealing with lawyers in order to get my deposit back. Police report is available. I have it. Date of report is 2007/01/04. There were 270 plants in this house and extensive damage to walls and floors to run ventilation and power. Assessment officer information: Adam #259 Toronto Drug Squad Clan lab Team #2. Title insurance of current owner is Stewart title who were recently in the news regarding their poor title searches and police DB checks. Owners are knowledgeable that the house is a former grow op. Here's link to a PDF hosted by Bob Aaron (real estate lawyer) which is a response from the Toronto police from a request to list all grow ops discover in 2007. The ninth in the list is the property in question.