Argument between a husband and wife over a home-repair project ends in a murder-suicide. Investigators say “numerous witnesses” told them that Ronald Makinson, 49, and his wife, Rebecca Vanderwall, 45, got into a fight Saturday evening at their home near Main Street and Gilbert Road. Those witnesses said the couple took their argument into the master bedroom. Police say the couple’s adult daughter joined them in the bedroom as the argument continued. That’s when “numerous gunshots were heard.” “The investigation revealed that Ronald shot Rebecca and then his daughter before finally turning the gun on himself,” Detective Nik Rasheta of the Mesa Police Department explained Sunday. “Other family members were present and witnessed portions of this incident.” Both Makinson and Vanderall were pronounced dead at the scene, Rasheta said. Their daughter, whose name has not been released, reportedly remains in stable but critical condition. The Vanderwall bought the home earlier this month (November 2020) and it looks like they were planning on fixing the home up and selling it.