What Happened at 1717 East Delmar Street?

SpringfieldMissouriUnited States

  • June 7th, 1992

    In June of 1992, three women went missing from this house. All of their personal belongings - including their cars and purses - were left behind. There was no sign of a struggle. Only a broken porch light. Over the years, there have been a number of theories as to what might have happened. In 1997, Robert Craig Cox, a convicted kidnapper and robber, claimed that he knew the women had been murdered and that their bodies would never be recovered. Neither their whereabouts nor their remains have been discovered.


    • Crystallea

      posted 2 months ago

      I dont believe that the women are under the hospital parking lot. I heard a detective on one of the crime shows say that the parking lot wasnt built until over a year later and he highly doubts someone is gonna store 3 bodies for a year and sneak them into the busy hospital parking lot with people everywhere. I completely agree but then again, i cant be certain. I hate to say this but i honestly dont see this being solved. 30 years have already passed without a trace or a clue. People are getting old and passing away. This case and the Audrey May Herron case drive me CRAZY.

    • ambermarie

      posted 8 months ago

      I was born in ‘90 so I was also a baby when this happened but the story about the hospital parking garage is exactly what I heard for many years.

    • Emic

      posted a year ago

      I grew up in Springfield and was a baby when this happened. I also used to date someone who lived on this street. There were always so many weird rumors surrounding this case that locals always discussed. For one, they are supposedly buried under the foundation of a hospital parking garage, and the owner of a local western wear store was supposedly involved. I personally have no clue, but those are things I’ve heard all my life.

  • Last updated 2 months ago

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