I moved here with my parents in 2006 everything was fine...until a few years later! my first experience I was sitting in the dining room eating dinner by myself bc i was the last to eat that night...Out the corner of my eye I see a tall man about 6 feet dressed in a all black suit with the tall hat.. I got up quick and threw my food away. I never said anything to my parents about it. One day i was in my room sitting on the floor with my door open I’m looking out the door and the same man in all black comes walking pass my room headed into my parents room! That really scared me so i told my mom...We had an older landlord and she ended up telling us that we lived on a old slave plantation! It’s crazy bc On the main road there is a big White House. After that happened things got even worst...One day on my way to school a lady had got hit by a car she was just laying in the middle of the street because no police had came yet so i was having a bad day bc that was my first time seeing something like that...that night I slept with my mom and i was woken up by the man walking back and forth across my moms room I was so scared to even move I slept with my head under the covers...he did Everything to wake us up...he sat on the bed, He kept pressing the workout machine button turning it on and off! That was the worst night ! Another time i was sleeping i left on my room light and i woke up to 2 boys dressed like they were playing basketball outside...one was standing up and the other was sitting on a stool and then they just disappeared! I remember when we first moved there it was bullet holes in the windows but we were told they were simply holes from rocks being thrown but i knew better! I was young and really overwhelmed with experiencing those things...we eventually moved out