Extreme paranormal/unusual activity from late 1960's to late 1970's On two occasions two pairs of weird hairy small dirty finger-nailed hands scrabbled beneath kitchen door leading to basement. Loud, very fast aggressive movements going back and forth beneath the door scratching the linoleum. They were only visible to the forearms below the elbows. When door was jerked open, nothing was there. This was witnessed by two groups of people about a year apart. Another time a heavy rounded, old fashioned fridge jumped up and down in kitchen while the fridge door handle moved up and down frantically. My brother and his friend saw a large greenish orb streaked with black, float from my older brothers basement bedroom to an empty bedroom that always icy cold. I later moved into my brothers bedroom when he moved out. I would hear whispering ... my name being called. My friends would hear their names called. At night adark mass near the bedroom closet would move up the wall onto the ceiling then down over you when in bed. Anotherbtime my older brother and I heard three extremely loud organ noted in middle of the night around 3 am. No piano or organ in home. We heard the three notes three times in a row. The notes were deafeningly loud but did not wake our parents or little brother. A lot of other stuff happenef there too. It was a horrible place to live in. I was always afraid.