My family lived in this home from 1997-2010 and it's the only reason I believe in ghosts to this day, although this is the only house I've ever actually seen a ghost in. There are about four instances I can think of that happened: 1. I saw an actual ghost. My mom worked nights, and we were home with my dad. My two sisters and my dad had fallen asleep on the couch, and I was on one of the couches with one of my sisters. The TV was on. I remember being thirsty or having to use the bathroom, so I put the recliner down and looked out into the dark hallway through the dining room. getting ready to go to the bathroom or kitchen, which were both down the same hallway. There was a female appearing apparatus that walked down the hallway. She glanced at me. She was in a white flowy dress and had really, really long hair. I put the recliner right back up and turned towards my sister on the couch and closed my eyes and told myself my mom would be home soon lol. 2. My sisters and I were playing blindfold tag in the living room. It was my turn to be blindfolded and I kept telling my sister to turn the light off to make it more difficult for me, because I could see their feet through a little crack where the blindfold didn't meet my cheek. My sister keeps saying she doesn't want to turn the light off because she's afraid of ghosts. I say something along the lines of "ghosts aren't real" (clearly before incident number one lol) and immediately the two lamps in the living room turn off. We scream and run out of there. Eventually we turned the lights back on and they worked just fine. 3. Thumping in the night, and not mom-and-dad-love-each-other-thumping. I remember one night not being able to sleep because my dad was in the basement working on making furniture, so it was loud and I couldn't sleep. There was also a dryer in the basement and that was running. I had a heater vent in my room that led right to my dad's shop area and the laundry area in the basement. I keep hearing a thumping and a scratching noise. Thump, scratchhhh, thump, scratchhh kind of thing. I figure it's my dad, but I hear him go to bed after a while. His room was the level above mine, so I heard him come up from the basement, and use the stairs that shared a wall with my bedroom and his bedroom door upstairs closed. I keep hearing the thump and scratch and I figure something is in the dryer making that noise. Finally, I hear the dryer buzz, signaling that it's done. But I keep hearing the thump and scratch, over and over, right on the other side of the vent in my room. Eventually I put a pillow over my head and went to sleep but it was a terrifying sound. 4. This actually happened to my mom. She worked from home and was home alone one day while we were at school and my dad was working. She hears something in the basement or hears the cat meowing and goes to check it out, thinking the cat got locked in one of the rooms down there or something. She sees the cat meowing at the washing machine. She goes over to it and notices the washing machine has been turned on. It was a machine that had a turn-and-pull knob that you had to pull out in order to turn on, so the cat couldn't have done it. Aside from being scared as a kid, I never felt like there was a bad presence in the house. I think the woman I saw walk in the hallway was peaceful. I'd love to learn who lived there in the past and see if I could make any connections!