I would like to put in an anonymous tip about this house and property. I lived in this house for 6 agonizing months as a tenant of landlords who lived in the lower unit. There was a lot of unexplained activity that happened while we lived here, unexplained foul odors and noises in the walls and roof that were unsettling. the whole vibe of this subdivision is just "off", for lack of a better term... Homes are cheaply built and need constant repairs, there is a massive raccoon problem and the odor of rotting cow manure permeates the entire area on most nights. I have reason to believe that this property is demonically oppressed, knocks in threes and crazy poltergeist activity at 12-6am, things move by themselves and the largest of the four bedrooms is unsleepable. I wouldn't ever live in this house again, even if I got the house signed in our name for free with no monthly maintanance or taxes. My personality changed when I moved into this house, I became ill and lost lots of my hair, my skin erupted in boils, many of which are still draining. If this place is for rent by a brown couple that live downstairs please dont bother, they aee very meased up and will make living in a haunted house even more miserable than it has to be.