Story told in the stories of Cleveland book “They Died Crawling” by John Stark Bellamy II. Together Hazel and Joe Gogan built a hugely successful business, but when Hazel learned he was cheating on her they planned a divorce. It was mostly amicable but they were fighting over mutually loved belongings. On this day, Joe broke into Hazel’s home to take back 3 paintings. In his truck bed was a blanket for wrapping them and a bag of cyanide based rat poison for his rural estate. They grappled on the front porch, Joe hit Hazel with the bag of poison, and he left with the paintings. Help arrived and Hazel tried washing her face - soon she was unconscious and never woke again. At the hospital she went into convulsions and died hours later. Joe was later acquitted of manslaughter or murder (jurors said) because Hazel’s dog, who was also exposed to the poison, suffered no ill consequences.