My mum moved us into this house around 1992 or 1993ish. Was an average house built in the 1970s im guessing and i know my mum got a decent deal on the rent. We moved in and almost immediately, we started hearing weird things, seeinv things and feeling watched. We were never the kids that we afraid of the basement but this one was just off. It was a finished basement, too, so its not like it was something from a century home made of stone. But we feot luke there was someone behind us. There was a large laundry room in the basement with a weird old wooden door that looked like it came from a barn. There was thick red shag carpeting in the basement uo agaijst that door and despite the wooden catch on it to lock, that door wood constantly open on its own while we were in the room. We saw weird white figures walking across the wall too but they were tiny, not regukar peolle sized. Footsteps fown the hall was daily and we would just turn the radio up to ignore it. The last time i was ever home alone, i was in the bath while the fam went to get groceries. I hear someone fall to the ground right outside the bathroom door. It was a loud crash and was distinctly a body hitting the floor a mere 5 feet from where i was i sat in that bath until the water was cold and i didnt even dare to breathe in case it was someone that broke in. My mum shrigged it off but i knew it wasnt the sound of the house settling and it wasnt an animal or the wind. We stayed the lease and then moved away to another creepy house but i dont have any experiences from there. Years later, when talking to my mum about how i always thought that place was haunted, she admitted to us that the previous tenant had died in the house rught before we got it, which is why we got a deal. Heart attack in my mothers room and collapsed on the floor which was right next to the bathroom. Suddenly the weird stuff made more sense