What Happened at 128 Clarence Street?

VictoriaBritish ColumbiaCanada

  • March 24th, 1956

    On Saturday morning March 24, 1956, Cecelia Pupkowski had just returned from work. Their little boy was playing at a friend’s house, and Robina was taking a walk in Beacon Hill Park. At 2:45 p.m. George Warwick was standing outside his home when he heard a woman's scream coming from the Pupkowski house. Warwick rushed inside and called police. When he came outside he saw Chester, her husband, covered in blood, half walking, half running towards Holland Point. Shocked onlookers watched as Chester waded up to his neck in the freezing ocean and started beating his head against a floating log. Police arrived and dragged Chester from the water as he pleaded with them: “Shoot me, shoot me, I want to die.” At the same time, a second squad found Cecelia’s body sprawled on the kitchen floor, her throat slashed and her head battered in. Chester never stood trial. He was sent to Essondale (Riverview Hospital) where he stayed until his death. Their son was placed in a foster home and likely had his name changed to distance himself from the tragedy. Evidently, he grew up, married and had a least one child.


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