Eva Kaber wanted her wealthy second husband dead. She first tried poisoning him with arsenic, which only resulted in husband Dan’s partial paralysis. Late one night, Dan Kaber was stabbed by two intruders in his upstairs bedroom. He called out for help but his live in male nurse didn’t get to the bedroom before the killers fled. Dan died the next day telling everyone his wife set it up. Indeed, Eva had. She went out of town to visit friends as an alibi. Her elderly mother left a door downstairs unlocked for the killers and her daughter by her first marriage staged a burglary on the first floor. When the police failed to solve the crime, Dan’s elderly father swore he’d spend his entire substantial fortune to solve it and hired the renouned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In the end, Eva was convicted and died in jail. Charges against her mother and daughter were dropped. The killers received life sentences. The woman who supplied the arsenic was acquitted, but later sentenced to life for selling poison to other women with “inconvenient” husbands.