What Happened at 1200 Park Avenue?

ChicoCaliforniaUnited States

  • 2009-2016

    A woman by the name of Cathy Conger, alias Crazy moved here from Concow, California. She has 40+ alias and her clan are thieves and hard drug users, preying on the seniors in our community. Kids as well. I hear the dark activity through my gas heater where neither one of ours has the pilot lit. Oh my GOD! What I have heard, felt living above her is worse than the two haunted houses I have lived in. One was in San Fernado, California, the other was Laganitas, California. The Laganitas home I experienced levitation and incubus. I called a Cuban medium the next day and he said it was a woman who had overdosed 11 years prior and wanted to have sex with a woman so she chose me.. I moved out the next day leaving sentimental things behind. San Fernando was my Moms 100+ yr old home and two times I was sleeping and woke up cold with air and the wind taken out of me. I called for my Mom screaming for help but she said she heard nothing. Again I moved. That was all in the 70's and I had no other experiences until living above this WITCH.. She wants to kill me and has 2 rifles, one pistol she has waved in my face. Years of torture, accusations, robberies, hitting my car and exposing her most personal place on her body. Dirty toilet paper is all I could see and vomited. She wants my soul and my body whatever the cost and refuses to leave me alone. I'm afraid enough to be in the process of getting a restraining order. Property management has been trying to evict her for months now.. She's a Vampire and had another woman living with her for 18 months who held a serrated seven inch knife to my neck.. The gray smoke seeps from downstairs and I hear her curses.. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!


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    • 1BadFlower

      posted 8 months ago

      Right Bigmama thats major stuff deal with. I have one question why if you scared would you listen through heater what if they seen you? I would think that they find that invading their privacy maybe go after you worse i would have been calling police on them sounds like they were breaking the law daily. Scare place to be hope you got out that mess to live peace sorry this happened to you.

    • bigmama

      posted a year ago

      hey schell, i hope you survived?

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