Back in 1999, a double homicide-suicide occured on this property, involving a husband catching his wife having an affair. The husband arrived home to his wife fornicating with another man. The husband ended up taking a shotgun and killing both his wife and the man. He would also kill his dog and himself afterwards. My family moved to this house later on that year, with many paranormal and creepy occurances happening. Here are some notable experiences that have occured within the home, keep in mind that these are not all of the experiences, just the ones that come to mind. 2005- My uncle was sleeping in the living room of the house, when he was awoken around 2-3 in the morning, to see a dark figure peering at him down the hallway while laying down on our couch. He thought this dark figure was my father due to the height of it, since my father was 6'4". My father had recently broken his ankle, so my uncle thought he may had needed help getting to the bathroom. When my uncle went to get up to see what was wrong, this figure sprinted down the hall extremely fast, colliding with the couch. The couch had pushed back with a decent amount of force, and the figure dissipated in a pink and purple hue, with the smell of electrical burn remaining. My uncle was so scared that he ran out of the house and left, leaving the front door wide open. 2006- That same uncle was recording an EVP session in our living room, where the figure charged at him a year earlier. In one specific moment in this video recording, he asks the spirits in the house where they were, in a matter of seconds, you hear a faint, agonized voice say behind you, and a black shadow is casted behind him. Keep in mind, this took place during the day, and no shadows could have been casted in the manner they were in these clips. 2007- I was awake late in the night, as I had no curfew during the summer months. I was in the kitchen, on our family laptop listening to music and playing online flash games as I usually would. I took off my headphones, and felt a faint pressure on my neck. The pressure kept getting greater and greater, with the atmosphere surrounding me randomly getting freezing cold. I heard in my right ear a voice whisper "billy". This sent goosebumps up my skin, as Billy was the name of the man who was caught with the wife of the house. I could not sleep that night, as it was my first personal experience with the ghosts, and not a story through another person. 2009- My brother and his good friend at the time were in our room, recording themselves playing the guitar. Out of nowhere, my brother comes to me super freaked out yet exicted, along with his friend. He shows me the recording, and at a certain point, you hear a voice loud and clear say "I'm coming for you" from down the hall, and heavy boot steps follow. I was in the living room, and I did not recall ever walking down the hall, and no one else was home besides me, my brother, and his friend. As I got older, fewer experiences occured, but I can still feel an off-putting energy in the home. I lived there from the time I was born, up until 2013. As with many haunted places, I, along with my siblings, grew a connection to the home. I still occasionally drive past, as I only live 10 minutes from it now. I hope the new owners know what has happened there, or maybe its best left forgotten.