What Happened at 11037 30th Avenue Northeast?

SeattleWashingtonUnited States

  • 2004-2007

    Children of household witnessed sleep paralysis and night terrors until later years. Then three-year old daughter of family, who moved into the house in 2004, had an imaginary friend named Paula, a girl who she said fell off the apple tree and died years ago. And another she befriended who was an older man who use to prune the apple trees (the daughter was given an apple tree at birth but that was the only apple tree in the garden). Then there was a man, she said was the thursday man because he came every thursday, who she drew and showed her mom. The girl said most days he didn't do anything, then other days he turned scary. The family wasnt religious and thought nothing of it until the girl rushed to her mother and said a man just walked through the walls with a broken neck. The mom then grabbed her kid by the arm and ran out of the house. They had someone, who was an exorcist, come in to see what is up. The family didn't think it would work, but they knew him personally so let him in. The man said 1. Dont put mirrors in corners 2.theres a demon portal in her room. The exorcist closed the portal and the girl never spoke of her friends and the other guys again. The family was shocked about it but still passed it on as more of a joke. However, their house sat upon what was an old apple orchard, and their 1920s home was the head house. They never told their daughter again about it until she was much older. She said she knew, though doesn't believe in ghosts or anything special, just was a sweet coincidence. The house is also known for smoke alarms that go off in the middle of the night, lights that dim and blink in the guest room and livingroom, fresh blood stains in the basement, and a feeling of unease.


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    • kB240

      posted a month ago

      Any updates?

    • MrSlicks

      posted 9 months ago

      There were places in the walls where people stashed old papers and hand written notes

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