What Happened at 1065 Fremont Avenue East?

Saint PaulMinnesotaUnited States

  • 1983-1995

    This house was built in 1880. My mother and step-father purchased it in 1983, when I was in elementary school, with the intention of renovating it back into a Victorian style. Shortly after we moved in, we started to knock down the plaster and that sort of thing, exposing the lath beneath. It sat like this the entire time I lived there, which was until 1993. Based on what I've read about other people who have had paranormal experiences, I have thought this may have been what stirred up activity. The memories I have from the ten year span I lived there are sparse, and I've quite possibly forgotten events over time. When I do remember: lots of feeling like I was being watched. My bedroom was on the 2nd floor, facing the backyard, and it had a large closet (for a Victorian home) and I remember feeling on several occasions that there was someone watching me from inside it. It didn't feel like a friendly energy. At the time, I remember wondering if it was the devil, and if it was I was going to get him to leave. Because I was a gutsy kid, one night I decided to go sit in there -- in the dark -- and confront "him"! I think I remember the feeling that something left when I did that. Then, another night, I was laying in bed and I heard my name whispered very closely to my ear by a male voice. I assumed it was my step-father and called out his name as I turned around and looked behind me. He wasn't there. No one was. I also remember feeling a presence in the basement, and when I got old enough to do my own laundry, felt like I was being watched down there and always hurried down and out as quickly as I could. Fast forward to 1995. I moved back with my mother while I was looking for a new place to live. When I moved in, I had planned on sleeping in my old room, but it needed drywall, the lath was (still) exposed. I decided to do it myself. I remember being on a ladder, hammering a piece up, and felt like someone's eyes were shooting into my back. I thought it was my mom and, while I was still hammering, asked what she thought. No answer. Turned around and no one was there. Things really escalated quickly. The energy felt like it was following me around, very menacing. I was sleeping on the couch until I could finished the drywall in my room, and one night I had the same feeling of piercing eyes into my back, and the strongest feeling that someone was standing right next to me. It freaked me out so much I didn't look that time and think I passed out from fear. I told my mom about this. She said, "Oh, that's Mr. Johnson." (!?!) She told me that's the man who built the house and that she had found his photo in the closest upstairs when we moved in. She told me she had seen apparitions of him, mostly in the windows when coming into the house. Subsequent nights on the couch got more and more intense, with the sound of footsteps walking just feet in front of me but no one there, I would sometimes see shadowy figures out of the corner of my eyes in adjacent rooms, and it escalated with my seeing the air ducts move in and out, as if someone was pressing on them. I became so terrified by the constant, menacing activity that I decided to erect a spiritual circle around my sleeping area. (I was a practicing Wiccan at the time.) Here’s where shit got real for me: it actually stopped the activity from moving through the room. In fact, the first night I did it, I learned it wasn’t one ghost, but two! I had trapped them outside of the circle in the adjacent rooms. I could hear agitated footsteps and felt this angry, unsettling energy coming from both sides -- especially the kitchen -- in the same way you can feel someone who’s angry at you when they’re standing in front of you. When I mentioned this to my mom she said she thought she other spirit was his sister. When I finally finished my room I relocated from the couch in the living room to a bed. One night I groggily woke up to the bed shaking, like someone was jerking it around to wake me up. As soon as I gained full consciousness it stopped. I decided I had enough at this point, these ghosts definitely did not want me here, and I quickly found another place to stay. I had to come back one afternoon to find a financial record in some of my things that were still there. When I was standing in the middle of the living room I suddenly heard heavy boots running at me. No one else was there. I turned right the F around and the boots chased me out the back door. When I went back to move the rest of my stuff out I was about to go upstairs and I heard boots walking around up there. I asked if someone was upstairs and my mom said no. Once I finally was able to go up and get everything without being harassed, I never went back to that house again. The house was sold in 1996. I’d be interested if anyone else who has lived there before or after I did ever had any paranormal experiences.


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