In Nov, 2011, I attended a paranormal ghost hunt at the Crump Theatre in Columbus, IN. The next evening, in my home, I was doing some of my own investigating as I am pretty sure my house is haunted or, was haunted at that time. I was using a voice activated recorder among other tools. I was also using an app, called Ghost Radar. My house is over 100 years old. I have experienced sounds, cold spots and the feeling I am being watched. I used to have a coocoo clock until I came home one day to find it sitting on the floor not broken, in the same room where it hung on a large nail on the wall and the nail was still secure in the wall. On this particular evening, I was asking questions and waiting for answers, writing them down. All of a sudden, it said "didn't suggest vast written detail" so I decided to try the voice recorder. When I played it back, it had answered one question. I asked if he/she had a message for anyone. It answered a creepy "no". I tried going to the cellar with the ghost radar, but when I started to open the door, it said "don't". I didn't, but my husband did and I followed him, but I stopped half way down the steps and sat down. He continued with the ghost radar on. The cellar is 2 rooms with a short hallway between them. He was half way through, when he turned, looked at me, then continued. He told me later that when he turned to look at me, it was because he felt someone grab and pull on his shoulder as if to stop him. He thought it was me, but it wasn't. Since then, my best friend who is "sensitive" has told me that I am not alone, but not to be scared cause it's not bad. Last year, my cat started acting strange about my bedroom, when before, it was his favorite place and he slept with me every night. So, I told the unseen visitor that they had to stop scaring my cat or leave. The next day everything was back to normal. My friend says there is someone in my cellar and if she went down there, it would want to interact with her, but she doesn't want to. She told me not to be afraid, it won't hurt me, it watches over me. She says my house feels warm and inviting to her and I believe her, I have been with her before in another friend's house when she had bad feelings and we left quickly.