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reported events that occurred at 4321 Butterfly Gap Loop in 2017

Daughter shot mother in the head, then proceeded to hide body under porch and douse it with chemicals to mask the smell. After some time the body was dismembered and put into a trash can where more chemicals were added to it. After a month of searching for the missing woman, the police did another scan of the property and found the daughter guarding a burn pile with her German Shepherd. Upon further investigation, human remains were discovered in the ashes and debris. She lied to the police multiple times claiming it was spoiled sirloins she burned and a deer carcass when questioned about the visible rib cage. She was arrested and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

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Submitted X days ago
the address was 4317 not 4321


can you confirm the address is 4321 Butterfly Gap Loop. We've received an anonymous tip stating that the address is incorrect. I cannot seem to verify either way through the references that you attached to your original post and other news articles online don't mention it either. Thank you.


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