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Something Strange is Going On Here
Something Strange is Going On Here

Something Strange is Going On Here

Just north of the Delaware border is Chads Ford, a township of Pennsylvania. Here exists a road, lined with crooked-growing trees and cloaked in eeriness – an intriguing path, better known as “Devil’s Road”. If you’ve seen the movie “The Village” by M. Night Shyamalan, then you know of this narrow, winding road, where trees bend away from the concrete. The road - actually called “Cossart Road” - goes on for miles and you can’t help but shudder at the thought of where it might lead. Well, just off of this road, on a wooded hillside, is what is known as “The Cult House”. Reportedly huge in size, this property has only been seen by few - though; its legend is known by many. The property - described by those who have seen it as a stone mansion, with blacked out windows whose panes are in the shape of inverted crosses - has a history that is veiled in mystery. Some have argued that a wealthy family (the DuPont family) held secretive interfamily marriage ceremonies here. It is further said that any offspring from these unions were hid in the property. Others believe that the house is run by a satanic cult and is the site of satanic rituals. This belief is further fueled by the inverted crosses in the windows. Finally, others say that the property is inhabited by the Ku Klux Klan. The few that have gotten close to property have observed a guardhouse with red trucks. There have been numerous reports of people being trailed by these trucks, whose headlights remain off, with no driver to be seen. This of course, has fueled rumours of supernatural vehicles - when in fact, it may simply be security hired to guard the home. While the truth of what goes on at the cult house may never be fully know, it will surely provide food for the imagination for years to come.
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