More Unbelievable Home Renovation Discoveries

My wife and I will be undertaking home renovations this week. With the excitement comes trepidation, not because of the costs involved, but because of the potential for surprises. When I say ‘surprises’, I am not referring to the typical, like mould and bad wiring, but rather, the atypical, like oregano in the walls or maybe a creepy chapel under the house.

These gems will give you a sense of what I am talking about; In 2012, an Auburn PA family was simply trying to install insulation when they came across something that made their skin crawl. Lining the interior of the wall, from floor to ceiling, were dozens of dead animal carcasses (mostly chickens!), spices, and other ritualistic remnants. The carcasses were wrapped in old newspapers dating back to the 1930s and 40s. What’s perhaps more disturbing, is that the insurance company was not willing to cover the expenses incurred during the remediation. The smell and mold has unfortunately wreaked havoc on the health of the family. To this end, a “go fund me” campaign has been set up to allow for supportive donations.

In 2011, a Utah man was puttering around the garage of his newly purchased home. While contemplating the prospective layout of his soon to be man-cave, something caught his attention in the ceiling - an access panel.

Thinking it might be the next best plaything for his kids, he grabbed his ladder to investigate and amidst the dust, he spotted an old ammo box. Opening it, he found himself staring at wads of cash - $45,000 U.S. to be exact.

Not without some serious soul searching, the new owner saw this as a teachable moment for his kids and ultimately gave the money back to its rightful owner.

In 2010, during a Good Friday celebration in Telford, Shropshire, a family decided to take a closer look at a grate in the floor. One of the family members, clearly the smallest of the lot, was able to slip through the grate and found himself standing in middle of a clandestine brick chapel-like room.

In the room was a large wooden box filled with newspapers and bottled dating back to 1930s. Hanging from the ceiling were hooks, which may have been used to hang meat. The outer perimeter of the room had brick benches resembling pews and an old rotting cross lay on the ground.

After taking this all in, someone spotted a set of stairs at the back of the room. Following these steps upwards, they found themselves inside a cabinet in their dining room. Spooky.

Local historians and deeds to the house seem to date the room back to the 1700s. The prevailing theories position the chapel-like room as either a catholic hideaway or a war time bunker.

So the next time your home renovations turn up structural issues or faulty wiring, just remind yourself that it could be worse.
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